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Daily life in Colombia – the action packed circuit game

Survive in Columbia with your family. Children and youths learn about the harsh daily life in a poor country when playing this group game.


Game procedure

Every circuit represents an eventful year in your family’s life. You work in different jobs and positions that affect your life. After every circuit your family has an experience that can better or worsen your situation. 


Work – but do what?

Do you send your child to school, to work or to a YMCA post? School costs a lot of money but, after two years, you can get a better job. At the YMCA posts, you don’t earn any money, but what you learn there helps you in later life. What is the best strategy to secure your family’s future? 


Aim and purpose

The participants are confronted with problems such as poverty, injustice and lack of education in a playful manner and experience the resulting difficulties. They find out that the YMCA works differently in every country.

The game is designed for groups of up to 16 children from 9 years of age. It takes two hours to play four years (without preparation time). 


How to play

Download the rules, summary and country description about Columbia. Look at the different positions and decide which you are going to use (you need at least 2 schools, 2 jobs for educated, 3 jobs for uneducated and 2 YMCA posts).

Print out the basis material, the general event cards and the event cards. Play money and bank loans must be copied 10 times so there is enough money for everyone. 

Please note: Preparation of this game takes time, but it is worth it! You could also download pictures about Columbia and Bangladesh to help prepare for the game. 


Give us your feedback!

We are interested to hear how you found this game. With your suggestions we can improve the game and upload a better version. Please tell us how many participants, leaders and which version of the game you played. Feedback please:



Game Equipment to Download (in German only)


Main material


Basis material

How to play

Country description Colombia


Sketch of procedure

Picture 1


Person cards

Picture 2


Play money

Picture 3


Bank loans

Picture caption Colombia

Event Cards

General event cards

Event cards Colombia

School positions









Technical drawing



Work positions Educated





Tour guide







Work positions  Uneducated

Water carrier

Shoe polishing


Fire starter








Self supporter




Conveyor belt worker



YMCA posts

Hygiene (soap)

Human rights (elections)


Hygiene (drink water)




Health (stretcher)




Health (1st aid)




Human rights (children)



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