Voluntary work

Leider können wir momentan keine Anträge auf Volontariate in unseren Projekten annehmen.





Want to discover the world?

Find out more about distant lands with our partner projects

Horyzon offers YMCA or YWCA members or other interested young people the opportunity to do a voluntary service with our project partners. You will live and work with a foreign YMCA or YWCA and get an intensive insight into new cultures, lifestyles and project work.

Voluntary service is a unique chance and also a challenge. As a volunteer you go to learn, not as an expert, giving you the chance to gain invaluable knowledge and experience.

You don't have more than three months?

That's not a problem. It is also possible to make a short deployment (2 weeks).


Horyzon offers

Horyzon arranges „learning placements“ to open up new horizons and cultures for young people in real life situations with our partners. These learning placements help to increase cultural, social and political awareness. They open new paths of active participation in society.

After introduction and preparation, Horyzon organises volunteer placement with one of our partners in the country of deployment. Horyzon also registers the volunteer with the Swiss authorities in the respective country.

The Horyzon head office is the point of contact for any problems during the whole duration of volunteer service. Should an emergency occur, the Horyzon head office coordinates and organises immediate action and can order an earlier withdrawal of the volunteer.

Horyzon assists the volunteer upon returning to Switzerland with a debriefing and analysis of the situations experienced and transferral/implemention of the information gained by the volunteer during service.

Volunteer requirements

Volunteers must prepare themselves for their volunteer service (language, reading material, events etc).

Upon arrival at the place of deployment, further instruction will be given by our partner organisations. Volunteers are guests of our partner organisations during their placement and must adhere to their directions. The volunteer’s main duties are specified in a written job description. Volunteers must respect the local cultural and social rules, avoid situations that could put them in a conflict situation with the law and must not interfere directly with internal issues of the partner organisation. Further, volunteers are obliged not to take part in extreme political activities and to have a clean special excerpt from the Swiss criminal records.

Volunteers are requested to pass on their experiences upon return, in the form of stories, publications or events. Volunteers must establish contact with suitable channels before their departure.


  • Travel costs, insurances, vaccinations
  • 200.- to 400.- Francs per month for accommodation and food on location


The partner organisations in the deployment country will do their utmost to ensure the safety of volunteers. Volunteers are responsible for organising their own insurance. It is recommended to check coverage with the insurance company and to take out any necessary further coverage.

Travel and placement are of the volunteers own free will and responsibility. Horyzon and their partner organisations deny responsibility and liability in the event of damage or loss.


Latin America

YMCA Colombia


YWCA/YMCA Palestine

Offer YMCA Europe for volunteer work in Europe

YMCA Europe has its own volunteer program. This is called "Volunteers for Europe" and works in the form of a stock exchange. The European Alliance of YMCAs offers interested people aged 19 and over the opportunity to get to know YMCA work in another European country as a volunteer (VfE).


People interested in VfE: 1 -12 months


Programs and activities of youth work, in the administration or in the secretariat. If your motivation lies in encountering challenging and stimulating experiences, then YMCA Europe - Volunteers for Europe is the right place for you.

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