FARC rebels have surrendered all weapons

Based on the peace agreement concluded in 2016, some 7,000 FARC rebels peacefully disposed of their weapons. They are no longer dependent on arms, as they can now pursue their objectives non-violently and politically in Parliament.

The approximately 7,000 FARC rebels have handed over their 7,132 registered weapons to the United Nations. The weapons are now to be melted down and processed into peace sculptures. FARC President Rodrigo Londono and Colombia's President Manuel Santos celebrated the moment with a ceremony. Santos described the handover of the weapons as an event that changed "Colombia's history".

The former guerrillas are now in peace camps where they are preparing for civilian life. In addition, a FARC party is now being formed, which is guaranteed ten of a total of 166 seats in Congress in the first few years. FARC leader Londono said that the weapons had previously "fulfilled a function", but that FARC now wants to make political decisions and no longer needs weapons to do so.

Disarmament is part of the 2016 peace agreement for which Santos received the Nobel Peace Prize in the same year. However, no agreement on a ceasefire has yet been reached with the smaller ELN guerrilla. However, peace talks have been under way since February 2017.

There is a danger that paramilitaries and other gangs will take control of drug trafficking in areas formerly controlled by the FARC. President Santos is therefore still under pressure and Colombia still has a long way to go to peace




Quelle: United Nations