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Combating corruption stagnates

Most countries do not succeed in further reducing corruption. This is shown by the publication of this year's corruption index by Transparency International. More than 120 of the 180 countries surveyed only achieve a value of 50 on the scale (100 = corruption-free, 0 = extremely corrupt). Since 2012, the earliest comparable edition of the corruption index, only 20 countries have significantly improved their scores. The leaders in the fight against corruption are New Zealand (87 points) and Denmark (88), while Somalia (10), Southern Sudan (13) and Syria (13) are lagging behind.

First International Day of Educations

Today the international community celebrates the International Day of Education for the first time. It serves to point...
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Oxfam-Report: Rich get richer and richer

Billionaires' wealth increased by 12% worldwide last year, while the poorer half of the world's population lost 11...