Peace Negotiations in Colombia

Another step towards peace has been taken in Colombia. Thus, all remaining FARC rebel fighters have now arrived in the disarmament zones - an important point in the historic peace agreement with the Colombian government.

A total of around 6,900 guerrillas have arrived in the 26 disarmament zones. Now the goal is to collect all weapons by May, melt them down and create peace monuments from them. Furthermore, the guerrilla fighters in these zones are to be prepared for reintegration into civilian life.

In addition to the FARC, peace is also to be made with the ELN rebels. The first conditions for peace negotiations have been met by the ELN. However, recent negotiations have been overshadowed by acts of violence. The Colombian armed forces accuse the rebels of kidnapping the father of a mayor in the state of Norte de Santander and carrying out an attack on an oil pipeline. Nevertheless, an initial agreement was reached between the rebels and the government on 19 January 2017


All FARC fighters in disarmament zones (Tagesschau 2017)
Kidnapping burdens peace talks in Colombia (ORF 2017)