Pilates instead of running after the train

For almost 10 months now, Horyzon has been more or less completely from home. How is the team doing and what are the challenges? In this series, our staff members give an insight into how they experience their time working from home. We start with Isabelle Aebersold, Programme Officer for Colombia & Palestine, and Deputy Executive Director:

"For me the case is clear, I really enjoy the new work mode! The fact that I no longer have to commute back and forth between Zurich and Olten every day has opened up completely new options for organising my working day: instead of running for the train in the morning, I can have a spontaneous Pilates session or simply sleep an extra hour. I often spend my lunch breaks walking in the forest and after work I even have time to read a book. What the new work mode can't offer, however, are spontaneous exchanges with team colleagues. Of course we are well connected digitally, but Skype cannot completely replace personal contact. Luckily, I've had a little cat for 2 months now, with whom I can talk when I get too lonely at home ;-) »