Planting Olive Trees

45 international activists participated in this year's JAI Olive Planting Program in the West Bank from 4 - 13 February 2017. Four fields were planted with 400 sponsored olive trees each.

In addition to various guided tours in Bethlehem, Hebron or Jerusalem, the 45 international activists had four olive tree planting days on their programme. Four fields, which were threatened by the separation wall, settlements or the removal of land, were planted with 400 olive trees each. The Israeli military controlled these activities, and in one day the landowners and activists had to leave the field after 300 trees had been planted. The following day the 300 trees had disappeared - JAI suspects that the settlers behind them had stolen them. The JAI announced that it would investigate what had happened.

Source: 45 internationals have finalized the Olive Planting Program, 4-13 Feb. 2017 (JAI 2017)