Project start in South Sudan - The world is changing

Now the time has come: With an opening event YWCA Yambio has officially launched the project "My Body, My Right, My Future". 65 people from youth groups, administration, churches and the village community met at the end of March in the conference hall of YWCA Yambio and were informed about the project, its goals and activities by the project manager Gimiko Jimmy Charles Hozia. They had the opportunity to ask questions and bring in their concerns. Gimiko Jimmy Charles Hozia explained that YWCA Yambio wants to work closely with the authorities to ensure that the discussion groups on sexual and gender-based violence in schools will be established in the long term. On this occasion, the General Secretary of YWCA South Sudan also stressed the importance that parents do not prevent their children from participating in the activities:

"I know that most parents are reluctant to educate their children about sexual issues. Most of us parents do not want our children to talk openly about sex, but the world is changing. It is important to educate young people about their sexual health and rights so that they are able to make informed decisions".

Various interest groups then discussed what conditions are necessary to make the Horyzon project a success. Teachers and representatives of young people particularly emphasized a well-functioning monitoring, clean processing of the activities and addressing of young people outside the school and the city of Yambio.

From the authorities' side there were some self-critical words to be heard. Thereza Dabi, Director General of the Health Department, explains that ideally the government would finance and implement the activities. Unfortunately, however, the government does not have the necessary capacities at the moment: "I am glad that YWCA Yambio, in cooperation with the partners Horyzon, is closing this gap.


Grace Winnie, a student fo King’s College takes part in the discussion.

She also used the occasion to inform the participants about the outbreak of the coronavirus. She explained that the government had taken measures to combat the outbreak. There are screening centres at all international border crossings connected to Yambio. She also urged the participants to follow the Government and WHO guidelines on prevention of the virus. Rumours and fake news about Covid19 should not be believed.

After the launch of the project, the team of YWCA Yambio will start to carry out activities that are not prevented by hygiene regulations. On April 24th there will be a village meeting in the Naduaru district, where topics such as personal rights, sexual education and duties as citizens will be discussed.


The participants get informed about the project „My Body, My Right, My Future“.


Thereza Dabi, Director General of the Health Department speaks self-critically on the responsibility of the government and also informs about the Covid19 outbreak.


Members of civil society organisations discuss with a board member of the national YWCA.