Radio clip South Sudan

"My body is my right"

A radio play for the Horyzon project "My Body, my right, my future" in South Sudan. 

In connection with the newly launched project, YWCA Yambio has produced a radio clip to help young women to resist youth marriage and to stand up for their right to self-determination. The radio clip re-enacts the conversation between an adult man and an underage girl and shows in an exemplary way how a young girl can react and argue in case of an offer of marriage.

Youth marriage and consequently early pregnancies are widespread in South Sudan. This leads to girls not completing their school education and therefore miss out on appropriate future prospects. Underage mothers are thus disadvantaged throughout their lives.

The programme of Horyzon and YWCA Yambio aims to enable young people to have self-determination over their bodies, to delay pregnancy, thus completing their school education and avoid slipping into poverty. Furthermore, the taboo around the topic of sexuality is addressed. Young people and adults should be able to talk freely about sexuality, changes in the body during puberty and menstruation.

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Picture: Y Global 2019