Support for Bangladesh

Urgently needed aid packages for the health and community development programme in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Covid-19 infection rates increase rapidly. Currently, more than 33,000 people are infected with the corona virus and 480 deaths have been confirmed. Last week there were the first reports of cases of infection in the Rohingya refugee camp. Last weekend, one of the strongest hurricanes in decades swept over the country, leaving a picture of devastation with heavy rain and flooding. The situation of many people in Bangladesh is precarious. Their income, which they often receive from daily labour, has collapsed due to the nationwide lockdown and they are now left with nothing.

With the support of the Horyzon donors, food and hygiene articles were distributed to the most affected families at seven local locations in the health and community development programme of YWCA Bangladesh. The families each received 10 kg rice, 1 kg legumes, 2 kg potatoes, 1 l vegetable oil, 1 kg salt, an antiseptic soap and a detergent soap as well as two face masks. With the additional support of Horyzon's sister organisations Y Care International in England and Y Global in Norway, a total of 15,550 people at the 13 local YWCA locations were provided with food and the most necessary hygiene products.

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Aid package distribution and hand wash campaign at YWCA Cumilla