UN General Assembly condemns violence in Gaza

In recent months there have been repeated violent clashes at the border fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip. According to Human Rights Watch, 118 people were killed there by Israeli soldiers and several thousand were injured.

On 13 June, 120 countries of the UN General Assembly voted in favour of a resolution condemning Israel for the recent violence in Gaza. In it, the states also demand that Secretary General Antonio Guterres develop an "international protection mechanism" for the occupied Palestinian territories. For example, a UN protection mission could be considered. A request by the American delegation, which also wanted to condemn Hamas for the violence, failed. Nevertheless, the resolution condemns Hamas for firing rockets from Gaza. However, it is not mentioned by name.

Violence by civil security forces

Switzerland supported the resolution because, in its view, the protection of the civilian population has priority. Nevertheless, the representative of Switzerland emphasised that a text which also took Hamas' responsibility into account would have been preferred. Consequently, Switzerland also agreed to the request of the American delegation.

The Palestinian security forces have also taken tough action against demonstrators in recent days. Amnesty International reports that in a protest against current President Mahmoud Abbas, demonstrators were arbitrarily arrested by civilian security forces. One of them was an employee of Amnesty International. Like his fellow prisoners, he was repeatedly subjected to violence by the security forces during his stay in prison.

Horyzon condemns all violence against demonstrators. The right to demonstrate and freedom of expression and assembly must be guaranteed in all cases. We support independent investigations, as required by the resolution.