Learning from the youth

On this year's mission day of the Protestant-Reformed church community of Allschwil-Schönenbuch, Horyzon was able to present the project "Espace Sûr (a safe space) - Education for girls and young women in the slums of Haiti".

Horyzon has been involved in this project since 2015 and helps girls and young women to consciously take their lives into their own hands. We are very thankful to the pastor Ms. Elke Hofheinz and the whole church community for their long lasting support of the Horyzon projects.

Our special thanks also go to the former president of the foundation board Martin Vogler, who gave an inspiring and topical sermon. He reminded us that we should also learn from the youth in the project countries. The perseverance they show and the will to reach their goals by finding new approaches is impressive and deserves encouragement.

The service was accompanied by the musicians Arianna Savall, Petter Udlan Johansen and Risa Mori, who created a wonderful atmosphere. We also thank them very much.