Difficult daily life at YWCA Haiti

In February 2019, the population's wave of protests against the machinations of the Haitian government was rekindled. There were violent clashes in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince and in other cities, which claimed at least eight lives and caused numerous injuries. Part of the conflict is the overpriced gasoline, which highest members of the government resell and enrich themselves. Since electricity in Haiti is almost exclusively generated from oil-fired power plants, this situation also repeatedly leads to crises in the electricity supply.

Our partners from the center of WYCA Haiti in Port-au-Prince are also severely affected by the petrol crisis. A few days ago, Sandrine Kenol, center manager and vice president of YWCA Haiti, told us that during the last 4 months they had a maximum of 1-2 hours of electricity per day and, if at all, only at night. The generator they have for safety is worthless at the moment, as gasoline is practically unavailable or enormously expensive. Their solar panels on the roof provide practically no electricity due to the current rainy season. It is very difficult for them at the moment, but they will do their best to cope with everyday life in the center. Because even under these adverse conditions the 200 girls must not lose their safe place at YWCA Haiti.

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More than 200 girls per year receive extra tuition at the YWCA center to improve their school performance.