Mission, Vision, Values

1 Our Vision

Our vision is a world in which young people can realize their full potential and act as role models to implement solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges.

2 Our Purpose

The Horyzon Foundation is committed to helping economically and socially disadvantaged youth in developing conflict-sensitive regions. Horyzon contributes to the improvement of young people's living conditions as well as to the stabilization of their livelihoods. Horyzon development programs are carried out in collaboration with national and local YMCA/YWCA.

3 Our Mission: What Do We Do and Why?

Social, economic and environmental problems and increasing inequalities are among the greatest global challenges of our time. Countries affected by crises and poverty bear the brunt of the impact. The youths of these countries are often left to face these challenges to their own devices, facing a future with little prospects.

The world today is home to 1.8 billion young people, the largest generation of youth in history. Nearly 90 percent live in poverty-stricken countries, where they often make up the majority of the population. Their social, political and economic participation is critical to their transition into self-determined adulthood. If young people can acquire the necessary skills and be offered the necessary opportunities to realize their full potential, they can be a driving force in promoting development and contributing to peaceful and inclusive societies.

Therefore, Horyzon empowers youth to live a self-determined and independent life and to actively work for peaceful, just and inclusive societies. We support them in building participatory and sustainable solutions that create social, economic and environmental value.

4 Our Values and Guiding Principles

• Respect: Our actions are based on a Christian attitude: open, honest, tolerant, but also respectful and trusting. We support young people in conflict-senstive regions, regardless of ethnic, religious or political affiliation, gender or social status.

• Effectiveness: We work effectively, with clear strategy-oriented goals, designate responsibility, provide services and recognize them.

• Competence: We work transparently, efficiently, competently, and cost-consciously.

• Efficiency: We handle donated funds carefully and responsibly and make the most of our network's potential.

• Innovation: We support innovative approaches to solutions.

• Optimization: We continuously improve our services and processes in line with the market.

5 What Is Our Strategy to Achieve Our Vision?

International cooperation

In our program work abroad, we focus on education, health and peace and rights. Through our work, we contribute to the achievement of SDG16+ for peaceful, inclusive and just societies. The following SDGs are also an integrative part of our work:
1 No Poverty                                     5 Gender Equality
3 Good Health & Well-being           8 Decent Work & Economic Growth
4 Quality Education                         10 Reduced Inequalities

Awareness- raising in Switzerland

With our awareness-raising work in Switzerland, we contribute to encouraging Swiss society to choose a lifestyle that is in line with global sustainable development. In addition to the relevant topics in our projects, we also focus on awareness-raising activities in the area of climate protection and aim to contribute to the achievement of SDG 12 "Responsible Consumption and Production" as well as SDG 13 "Action on Climate Change".


Horyzon's fundraising strategy, which was developed in 2021, supports the achievement of Vision 2030. By prioritizing and diversifying our donorbase we strive to achieve an annual fundraising target which ensures a stable program volume in order to attain Horyzon's development program goals. The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) is to remain Horyzon's most important donor in the long term.


The Vision 2030 requires additional knowledge and new competences from the employees. Therefore, Horyzon pays special attention to employee development. The development of additional competencies is consciously sought in cooperation with other organizations that are already active in these areas and have the necessary experience and knowledge.


In order to achieve positive changes in the long term and to be a reliable partner organization, Horyzon aims to support programs for a period of about 16 years (duration of childhood to young adult). Horyzon’s partner organizations are part of the YMCA/YWCA movement and are selected by Horyzon in such a way that there is a mutual agreement of thematic focus and philosophies. Horyzon supports its partner organizations according to the needs of the beneficiaries and not according to which projects can be financed best/easiest.

6 Our Impact Targets Until 2030

To achieve our vision and contribute to the SDGs, Horyzon sets the following impact targets:

By 2030, Horyzon will have...

• … contributed to decreasing discrimination against young people and youth’s being able to develop into healthy and self-determined adults who enjoy equal rights.

• … contributed to young people being able to live independent lives, represent their interests, shape their future and participate fully in society.

• … contributed to young women and girls having equal access to education, medical care, dignified work and representation in political and economic decision-making processes.

• … contributed to the engagement of young men against gender inequalities and violence against women.

• … helped young people to stand up against all forms of violence and to work for peaceful coexistence and the inclusion of minorities.

• … enabled young people to work for a peaceful, just and inclusive society, to find work and to create jobs.

• … informed young people in Switzerland about climate change and supported them to actively engage in climate and environmental protection and to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

• … supported around 175,000 young people who pass on their knowledge as multipliers.

• … supported partner organizations in building their capacities and strengthened them in their sustainability and independence.

• … made a name for itself nationally and within the worldwide YMCA/YWCA movement as a reference organization in the field of development cooperation with a focus on youth.

• … enabled the members of Cevi Switzerland and others interested in development cooperation to show solidarity and to get to know the living situations of young people in countries affected by poverty and crises.


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