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Young people are affected by many topics, projects and programs of development cooperation. Only rarely, however, do development institutions put young people at the centre and empower them as actors. For various reasons, it is important to focus more on adolescents and young adults when working on development policies: On the one hand, adolescence is a time when many decisions are made for later in life, and on the other hand, adolescents make up a large proportion of the population in countries affected by poverty and crises. In order to take advantage of the opportunities for youth empowerment, young people are addressed not only as a target group but also as partners in development policy activities.


In Switzerland, almost all - 99.6% - of children and young people attend at least compulsory school. Afterwards, they usually complete vocational...
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At least half of the world's population lacks access to basic health services. Especially sexual and reproductive health services remain insufficient in...
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Socio-political education

Socio-political education raises awareness and conveys knowledge in the areas of civil rights and obligations, human rights, women's rights, children's and youth...
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Gender justice

Equal rights for men and women do not need legitimacy; they are a human right. Some legitimise the equality of men and...