Promoting, achieving and protecting human rights of women and girls the vision of YWCA South Sudan and is being promoted in the project...


Paza la Paz

is a Spanish play on words from "a step towards peace" and "may peace be upon you". This is exactly what Horyzon does with the education and support of young people in Colombia.

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Ce ave'm chanjman an komanse

is Creole, means "change begins with myself" and is what Horyzon supports girls and young women to do. 

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شفى أمل

is Arabic, means "restoring hope" and is what Horyzon's partner organization in the Palestinian territories is doing for young people.

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About Horyzon

Horyzon, the Swiss development organisation for young people, was founded in 1969 as a commission of YMCA/YWCA Switzerland. Today Horyzon is an independent foundation, recognized by ZEWO for its charitable status.

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Horyzon cooperates with partner organisations from the worldwide network of more than 200 national YWCA and YMCA associations, whose profile, philosophy and conception of the social programmes correspond to a high degree with those of Horyzon.



Horyzon concentrates its endeavours in the field of education in the form of non-formal exchange of knowledge, competences and skills. Horyzon has three main areas of work: employability, health and socio-political education.

  • HOW YOU CAN help

  • Donate

    Your donations will be invested directly in projects of our partner organisations. Horyzon is committed to a cost-effective and efficient way of working. We are ZEWO and ISO 9001 certified. Donors include the SDC, Bread for All, cantons, municipalities, companies, foundations, parishes and private individuals. Donations to Horyzon can be deducted from taxes. → Donate now

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  • Running for a fairer world

    In the mid-1980s Horyzon brought the concept of the 2-hours run from the USA to Switzerland. Every year about 3 charity runs take place, from which the proceeds are donated to one of the Horyzon projects. → Charity runs

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  • Voluntary work

    Horyzon offers volunteer work with its project partners. You will work and live at a foreign YMCA or YWCA and gain an intensive insight into culture, way of life and the project work. A volunteer assignment is a unique opportunity and a great challenge. → Volunteer work

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Christelle from Haiti

Cristelle is 21 years old. She lives in a poor neighborhood near the YWCA center and has been attending the Horyzon program of YWCA Haiti for 8 years. Before that, she felt like she didn't exist at all and believed she was worthless because she was a girl. It was only at YWCA Haiti that she understood that she too has rights. In the workshops on self-esteem, she learned to believe in herself and that even as a girl she can achieve anything.

Thanks to the tutoring, Cristelle has also become a better student. She used to be teased because she often missed school. Today, she is much more self-confident, can stand up for herself and has a big goal: she wants to become an office IT specialist and is currently studying for the last year of secondary school. She wishes there were more centers like YWCA Haiti's so that more girls could experience the same positive change she did.

Our project in Haiti

Andres and Jeison - the bakers from Guayabal

Andres (19) and Jeison (16) have been members of YMCA in Guayabal, a rural village in Colombia without prospects and jobs for young people, for several years. YMCA Guayabal is trying to remedy precisely this problem and supports young people, among other things, in the production and sale of homemade food, such as dumplings. The two young people have already completed two training courses.

They now come to the center every Saturday morning and bake dumplings. With the proceeds, they can buy school materials, among other things, which they urgently need in order to finish high school. Andres was also recently able to enroll in a gastronomy course at the local vocational school, where he can further deepen his knowledge. This course is run and also financed by the Colombian government. The number of participants in these courses is very limited and Andres can only take part because he was already able to acquire practical knowledge in the YMCA course.

Our project in Colombia
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Nabaa from Palestine

Nabaa is 20 years old, lives in Bethlehem and studies Human Rights and International Law at Al Quds Bard College. Nabaa was a participant in the 2019 Journey for Justice, a Joint Advocacy Initiative activity. During the Journey for Justice, Palestinian and foreign students visit together specific sites in Palestine that showcase the difficult living conditions of Palestinians under occupation. For example, Nabaa led a group of Norwegian and Danish students through an Israeli military checkpoint, which they must cross daily to get to their university.

Often, Nabaa is stopped at this checkpoint and is therefore late for class. For Nabaa, participating in the activities of the Joint Advocacy Initiative is an opportunity for personal and professional development. She especially appreciates the exchange with the international students and the opportunity to do important awareness-raising work based on her own knowledge and experience.

Our project in Palestine
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Jenty Sepura Gordon from Yambio

"I live together with my sister, parents died. In total I have 2 sisters and 7 brothers. However, I do not know much about part of my family. But what I do know, thanks to the activities of the YWCA Yambio, is how to use contraception and how human reproduction works biologically. This will help me in the future to be a responsible adult woman and to take care of my health. I myself gave birth to my child at the age of 17 and was already thinking about having a second child. But I stopped and now I want to focus on education.

The My Body My Right My Future project is changing perceptions, the activities I participate in are encouraging and whenever a man approaches me, "My Body, My Right, My Future" goes through my mind. In a few years I would like to become a midwife and help and care for pregnant women. That would be a beautiful future. I wish others could see a more positive future for themselves as well."

Our project in South Sudan
Jenty Sepura Gordon

Marko in Uganda

The example of Marko Polo shows the importance of psychosocial support for refugees from South Sudan: Before he fled to Uganda, Marko Polo and his two daughters had to watch his wife being shot dead during an outbreak of violence in South Sudan in 2019. As a single father with a physical impairment, he faced discrimination within the community, even police harassment.

Due to the significant psychological stress he experienced, Marko Polo is one of the survivors accessing the program's psychosocial support. When Marko was arrested by the police because of a misunderstanding with another refugee, he turned to the program's counselors, who helped him mediate and brought his daughters to safety. As the police were initially reluctant to release him, the program's counselors intervened and Marko was released and reunited with his daughters.

Unser Projekt in Uganda
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