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Free donation for a project of your choice

Every donation counts! Support a Horyzon project of your choice with an amount starting at CHF 10. You can also make a... Starting from CHF 10.00
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Olive tree in Palestine

A sign of hope - Plant your own olive tree in Palestine.Israeli army bulldozers have destroyed thousands of olive tree... CHF 30.00

With pictures instead of words

Christian Wyss and Laurent Burst are professional photographers. Their view of the people and their environment i... CHF 50.00
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Summer camp for girls from the slums

CHF 40 allows a girl from the slums of Haiti to participate in a summer camp. The camp teaches them to eat healthily... CHF 40.00
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Youth leader course in Colombia

CHF 120.00 per year for a young person from Colombia to train as a leader at the YMCA!The young people learn to behave... CHF 120.00
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Horyzon Charity Card

Give a donationYear after year, do you think about what you would like to give to your loved ones? The Horyzon... CHF 30.00 – CHF 200.00