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Free donation for a project of your choice

Every donation counts! Support a Horyzon project of your choice with an amount starting at CHF 10. You can also make a... Starting from CHF 10.00
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Sexuelle Aufklärung im Unterricht

Many young people in South Sudan still have gaps in their knowledge of sexuality. With your donation this gap will be... CHF 55.00
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Olive tree in Palestine

A sign of hope - Plant your own olive tree in Palestine.Israeli army bulldozers have destroyed thousands of olive tree... CHF 30.00
Haiti 6

Summer camp for girls from the slums

CHF 40 allows a girl from the slums of Haiti to participate in a summer camp. The camp teaches them to eat healthily... CHF 40.00
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Youth leader course in Colombia

CHF 120.00 per year for a young person from Colombia to train as a leader at the YMCA!The young people learn to behave... CHF 120.00

Special education for young people with disabilities/trauma

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has claimed thousands of injured. The victims often suffer for years from the... CHF 90.00