Advocacy Tour through Switzerland

"The Forum for Human Rights in Israel/Palestine" receives in March '22 a delegation of the Israeli veterans organization "Breaking the Silence" for an advocacy tour through Switzerland. The common concern of both organizations is to raise awareness in Switzerland about the untenable human rights situation in Israel/Palestine and to work towards an end to the occupation of the Palestinian territories.
The representatives of "Breaking the Silence" will meet numerous Swiss exponents from the fields of politics, administration, science and media between March 6 and 12, 2022, in order to report on the price of the occupation of the Palestinian territories from the perspective of former Israeli soldiers.
In the context of public events, "Breaking the Silence" will also tell a broad Swiss audience about a reality in which young Israeli soldiers face a Palestinian civilian population on a daily basis in order to control their daily lives. For more detailed information on the individual events, please click here.