For almost 10 months now, Horyzon has been more or less completely working from home. How is the team doing and what challenges does it face? In a series, our employees give an insight into how they experience their time at home. In the third part, Timo Bernhard, a community service worker since March, gives us an insight:

«For the past week, I have been working as a community service worker for the Horyzon Foundation and have come into contact with the ominous term "home office" for the first time. Doing unfamiliar work with new team members from home can be quite scary. So I like to hide behind a solid wall of technological tools, freely following the motto: more helps more! With so much technology, of course, digital exchange is no problem and we always find a way to talk business or pleasure.
I know how to fill the time gained by not having to commute with sport, so I'm guaranteed never to get bored. I appreciate the peace and quiet at home and enjoy the opportunity to take a short stroll in the forest behind our house during my coffee break.»