Generous support for the Horyzon project in South Sudan

Auf dem Schulgelaende in Yambio 2020

School campus in Yabio, 2020

The cities of Schaffhausen, Frauenfeld, St. Gallen and Winterthur support the Horyzon project in South Sudan

We are very happy about the decision of the twinning to support the Horyzon project My Body, My Right, My Future in 2022. The contribution of CHF 275,000 will thus go for the first time to a project in South Sudan, one of the poorest countries in the world. With their decision, the cities want to set an example for young women and against poverty, violence and lack of education, says Winterthur's city president Michael Künzle in an interview with Radio Stadtfilter. The Horyzon project is committed to reducing teenage pregnancies and sexual violence, enabling young women to complete their education and thus plan their lives consciously and independently.

We thank the cities of Schaffhausen, Frauenfeld, St.Gallen and Winterthur, especially on behalf of the beneficiaries, from the bottom of our hearts for this generous support!