Haiti - Violent protests hamper project activities


In Haiti there are again violent protests with injured and dead. The demonstrators demand the dismissal of the current government of President Jonevel Moïse. Among other things, the president and his ministers are accused of embezzling money from the Petrocaribe agreement. The programme enabled the Caribbean states to buy cheaper oil from Venezuela. Due to the great crisis in Venezuela, this is no longer possible, which has led to a petrol crisis in Haiti.

The ongoing protests and the petrol crisis make the work of our partners in YWCA Haiti difficult. The supply and school routes as well as the routes to the center of YWCA Haiti are often impassable due to the road barricades. For security reasons, the center could only be opened on a few days in the last weeks.

According to Sandrine Kenol Wiener, director of YWCA Haiti, the situation is extremely tense and unpredictable. The violent protests are often immediate and without warning. At the moment, all the girls who normally come to the centre on a regular basis are doing well. The YWCA Haiti staff makes sure, that no one is in danger and provides the girls with food and hygiene kits. Everyone hopes that the centre can be reopened on a regular basis soon. As long as the protests continue, however, the safety of the girls is the top priority.

Haiti Krisenzeit 4

An employee of YWCA Haiti informs the girls about the situation