Irène Hofstetter: 10 years of bringing hope to disadvantaged young people

On behalf of thousands of young people from the poor quarters in Colombia and Haiti, we thank Irène warmly for her committed, professional and compassionate efforts.

Irène has used her extraordinary abilities with foresight, competence and heart and soul both in the cooperation with the partners and in the Horyzon team.
As deputy to the managing director, she took on additional responsibility at the office in Olten and played a key role in the further development of Horyzon.

We regret very much, but we understand that Irène has decided to take the next step in her career from May 2018. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts and wish her success for her future and a lot of energy to maintain her innovative spirit and enthusiasm.

For the Board of Trustees and the Horyzon Team

Werner Stahl, Director