Meeting with YGlobal Norway and World YWCA

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(from left) Suchi with daughter (World YWCA), Andreas (Y Global), Kristin (Y Global), Andrea  (Horyzon), Amélie (Horyzon), Thabani (World YWCA) and Isabelle (Horyzon)

International networking and cooperation are important, especially when it comes to development aid in such fragile contexts as Horyzon is involved in. In an exchange of experiences we learn from each other, become more efficient and intensify our cooperation. In addition, we exchange new ideas and develop joint projects or offers that respond even better to the needs of the beneficiaries.

Two employees of the World YWCA from Geneva and two employees of YGlobal Norway as well as almost the whole Horyzon team participated in this meeting in the premises of Cevi Zürich. We left the meeting motivated and inspired and look forward to working together to implement projects that lead to a just, sustainable and inclusive world.

To introduce you to our partners in more detail, I spoke briefly with Thabani (Lead of the YW4A Partnership and Initiative) and Andreas (Project Officer at YGlobal Norway):
Joining the World YWCA gave Thabani an opportunity to become part of the a feminist organisation and global movement, which was a first for her. World YWCA has the ambitious goal: By 2035, 100 million young women and girls will change power structures to create justice, gender equality, and a world free of violence and war; they will lead a sustainable YWCA movement that includes all women. Currently, Thabani oversees an multi-partner advocacy program, Young Women for Awareness, Agency, Advocacy and Accountability (YW4A), focused on strengthening young women’s leadership and participation in decision-making, and eliminating SGBV (sexual and genderbased violence) in Egypt, Palestine, Kenya and South Sudan. Thabani thinks that World YWCA and Horyzon can work well together through the partner organizations in South Sudan. Thabani is especially interested in Horyzon's commitment to sexual and reproductive health and rights for girls and young women.

Andreas works at YGlobal as a program officer. Among other things, he also oversees projects in Palestine. What excites him about his work is the commitment to and collaboration with young people in Norway and internationally. YGlobal Norway works together with the Y Scouts and YWCA/YMCA Norway. With youth expert groups, they organize campaigns on politically and socially relevant issues such as climate change, social justice, peace and equality. Andreas values the exchange and cooperation with Horyzon very much, because Horyzon, like YGlobal, communicates with national and local partners at eye level.