Strengthen development cooperation!

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More and more people are suffering from hunger and poverty due to Covid, the climate crisis and war. Despite this, the Federal Council of Switzerland plans to make less and less money available for the Global South. Due to the increase in military spending decided by Parliament and the overly strict interpretation of the debt brake, it wants to save on development cooperation for the poorest countries. At least CHF 1.5 billion from the development cooperation budget is to be used for Ukraine from 2025 to 2028. This will reset the priorities in international cooperation. Of course Ukraine needs our generous support, but this must not be at the expense of the Global South.

We also need more solidarity with the many people living in extreme poverty who are in danger of being forgotten. Switzerland must finally meet the UN target that it supports and commit 0.7% of gross national income to development cooperation. According to the Federal Council's targets, this quota drops to a shameful 0.36% percent. This is why Alliance Sud, the Swiss competence center for international cooperation and development politics, together with other organizations, is calling with the #MehrSolidaritätJetzt campaign for Switzerland to expand its development cooperation and for Ukraine to receive its own generous budget.

You can also write your own message of support at and easily share it on social media. Thank you for your solidarity!