New Horyzon brochure about inheritance settlement

To foster a peaceful and righteous civil society sustainably and effectively or to even be able to assure one, the focus must be set on the young people. They are the basis on which a society is built on, in which people independent of ethnicity, religion, political orientation, gender, or socioeconomic status can live a worthy existence.

Furthermore, improving the situation for the adolescents is key to battle poverty worldwide. Access to education and a healthy and conscious lifestyle enables young people to life a self-determined life and to break out of poverty.

Ayat is one of the beneficiaries in our rehabilitation program in Palestine. When she was nine years old, she fell of the stairs and broke her fourth vertebra. Since then, she is living with an impairment which has also had a bad influence on her psychological well-being. Working together with our partner YMCA East Jerusalem she managed to surpass her psychological trauma, gain self-confidence and be more optimistic about her future. Afterwards she went on to study IT and work for a radio station. Now her dream is to be a self-employed DJane for wedding parties for women.

Partnership with DeinAdieu

It’s clear: fostering people while their young is worth it To be able to grant these possibilities to more adolescents, we want to inform you about the possibility to name Horyzon in your testament.

Many people find it a relief to have written a last will. You express your personal wishes and commit yourself to what is really important to you. This creates security and clarity in the family and in your environment. Additionally, they receive the possibility to help a number of adolescents receive better conditions so that they realise a blossoming future. With Horyzon’s partner you receive the possibility to create your testament as you desire and to name Horyzon in it. Additionally you can order a booklet with further information about inheritance settlement information by writing a Mail to or by calling 062 296 62 68.


Ayat (33 y.) looks to the future with confidence thanks to the Horyzon rehabilitation program in Palestine.