Preview 2021: Education at Horyzon

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim for all young people to have literacy, numeracy and job-relevant skills by 2030. Yet many are still denied access to these. Changing this is a challenge that Horyzon has been working on for decades. In the coming year, we will focus on reporting on these efforts and show how this is done in concrete terms in the individual projects. Basically, we support youth education in our development programs on four levels:

Access to education

Participants are provided with a safe place where they can strengthen their school knowledge through tutoring. In addition, traumatized youth are supported in reintegrating into regular school. Building and strengthening school skills has a positive impact on class participation and reduces school dropouts.

Building life skills

Through non-formal education in practical life skills such as communication, critical thinking, stress management and healthy lifestyle, our programs make it easier for young people to deal with difficult living conditions. This enables them to choose a more peaceful future free from illegal activities and problematic addictions.

Training of caregivers

Education and training of caregivers, such as parents, teachers and therapists, ensures quality in dealing with the youth. Caregivers are trained to recognize sexual violence and to offer psychosocial support to young people.

Vocational training

Our goal is to enable young people to better position themselves in the job market and become financially independent. Vocational counseling, workshops on entrepreneurship, training for job interviews and manual training prepare young people with and without physical or mental impairments for (re)entering the job market.