A Safe Place for Greater Independence - An Overview of the Activities in Haiti in the First Half of 2022

Foto von Esther YWCA Summercamp2

The Sports Camp acts as a safe space for young people aged 12-18. The participants learn in a playful way to take responsibility and to look out for each other.

Picture: YWCA Haiti

Horyzon is enormously proud of its partner organization YWCA Haiti, which has achieved a great deal in the first half of 2022 despite the most difficult circumstances. The Horyzon project in Haiti gives the local people a perspective and helps to give girls and women in particular a voice, so that they can express themselves on the issues that are important to them and get involved for the common good.

Despite much political turbulence in the first six months, YWCA Haiti has been able to implement the project as planned in the recent months. This means that various workshops have been offered to youth and young women and the youth center has been open except for a few days to provide a safe place for the young people to learn. Activities during this time included dance classes, English and computer courses, as well as the creation of vision boards on which the children and young people could depict their goals and hopes for the future through collages and drawings.

Due to the tense political situation in Haiti, the project is taking its leave for the summer vacations earlier than planned. YWCA Haiti will reopen the doors of the center in mid-August in the hope that the situation will have calmed down by then. Then the activities could also be continued, so that the children and young people can be helped sustainably.