Give a young woman a little more independence

Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world. Despite its global economic relevance in the textile industry, about a third of the population lives below the poverty line. There is a lack of running water, hygiene awareness, organised medical care and a good quality education system. Almost every second person can neither read nor write. In addition, two thirds of children under the age of five are malnourished and around 40% of people do not have a toilet.

HCDP program

Since its foundation in 1961, the YWCA Bangladesh has tried to change this and is committed to a society without poverty and injustice in 13 regions and cities. People, especially women, should be able to enjoy equal rights and live their culture in a healthy environment regardless of their origin and religion. The Health and Community Development Program (HCDP) primarily supports women who want to free themselves from their precarious economic and social situation on their own initiative. The 750 employees of the programme look after around 75,000 women and their families.

Project on GlobalGiving

On the one hand, we, the Horyzon Foundation, are involved as donors to ensure project work in the slums. On the other hand, as cooperation partners with the national managers of YWCA Bangladesh, we are working on strengthening the organization and further development of the programs. We are dependent on your donation so that the financing is secured for the coming years and women in Bangladesh continue to have the opportunity to achieve economic and social independence on their own initiative. To this end, we have launched a project on the crowdfunding platform GlobalGiving, whose donations will fully benefit the HCDP in Bangladesh.

For example, with 30 francs they can raise 20 women's awareness of the environment and climate change, or use 150 francs to finance a young woman's literacy course that will change her life.

Further information on the

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