Human rights Palestine

Respecting the rights of the Palestinian people

Last Friday, on May 15th 2020, was the anniversary of the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in 1948. 72 years later the conflict between Israel and Palestine unfortunately has still not been resolved, and the prospect of a just peace seems to have recently receded into even greater distance.

Horyzon is committed to a just peace in the Middle East and carries out sensitisation work for a just peace in all projects, which are implemented in the occupied Palestinian territory. In doing so, Horyzon resolutely opposes violations of human rights and international humanitarian law. Horyzon categorically rejects the peace solution proposed by US President Trump, which provides for the annexation of large parts of the West Bank, as it is a violation of international humanitarian law and violates UN Security Council Resolution 242. Instead, Horyzon demands a fair, sustainable and negotiated two-state solution.

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The oversized key at the entrance of the refugee camp "Aida" symbolizes the thousands of house keys that Palestinian families took with them on their flight 72 years ago. They thought that, once the war was over, they could return to their homes. (Picture: Horyzon 2019)

170824 JFJ Wall 2

A foreign delegation of the "Joint Advocacy Initiative” visits a wall that separates Israel from the West Bank. (Picture: Horyzon, 2017)

171110 JAI Youth Group 1

Horyzon has been engaged to support young people in the occupied Palestinian territory for 27 years and help them to build future prospects despite difficult circumstances.
(Picture: Horyzon, 2017)